2019 FASNY Legislative Update

2019 FASNY Legislative Update
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The FASNY Legislative committee's efforts for 2019 Firefighter health and safety issues


  1. AMENDING THE CANCER LEGISLATION – Clarifying amendments to medical testing and who must be insured.
  2. THE FAIR PLAY AMBULANCE COST RECOVERY FOR FIRE DEPARTMENTS – Allows fire departments to bill for ambulance services to even the playing field with all other ambulance providers across the state.
    Corresponding legislation: S.363B (Little)/A.7717B (Jones)
  3. PROMOTE LEGISLATION FOR THE CREATION OF CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION PATHWAYS BY NYSED IN THE AREAS OF FIRE PROTECTION AND EMS – This would provide access for interested individuals to obtain training while meeting high school graduation requirements and draw additional individuals toward fire/EMS service.
  4. VFBL/VAWBL INCREASE – Increase benefits for partial permanent disability benefits levels based on the cost of living after the effective date of the legislation.
    Corresponding legislation: S.3904 (Griffo)/A.6367 (Magnarelli) INCREASES TO $650
  5. AMEND PENAL CODE TO ADD ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF OCCUPANTS, FIRE AND EMERGENCY PERSONNEL – Make it a crime to illegally circumvent uniform code by making illegal conversions a charge of “Endangering the welfare of occupants, fire and emergency personnel.” Landlords make illegal conversions so they can make more money off the properties without obtaining proper permits. The conversions may not have proper egress and could create an extremely dangerous situation for both their occupants and firefighters.
    Corresponding legislation: S.773 (Carlucci)/A.1691 (Zebrowski)
  6. SAFETY INSPECTIONS OF SCHOOLS – This proposal would modernize the process of conducting annual fire inspection reports for public and private schools.
    Corresponding legislation: S.4495A (Carlucci)/A.2985A (Zebrowski)
  7. UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE FIRE SAFETY STANDARDS – Establishes a prohibition on the sale and distribution of new upholstered furniture containing certain flame-retardant chemicals.
    Corresponding legislation: S.742 (Ritchie)/A.3368 (Brindisi)

Budget Issues

INCREASE TAX CREDIT – Advocate for a tax credit increase of $200 to $400 per year to volunteer firefighters, volunteer ambulance workers and volunteer emergency medical personnel.

SALES TAX EXEMPTION FOR HOME LIFE SAFETY PRODUCTS – Advocate for a sales tax exemption on smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers to incentivize purchasing these household items.

MONITORING – Monitor 2019-20 Budget negotiations to ensure adequate/consistent funding levels are met for Emergency Services.

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