The Blue Light Vol 34 Feb Mar 2019

The Blue Light Vol 34 Feb Mar 2019
 PCVFA WebAdmin    19 Feb 2019 : 12:29
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Greetings to everyone and Happy President's Day from PCVFA

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Attached please find a copy of the latest issue of our County newsletter,   We're excited to be back on press and in your mailboxes, too!  
Quick notes!
... Forms for our and can be found within and there's still time for you to reflect on your Department's heroic actions in 2018!  if you're not a Department or VAC within Putnam, no worries!  You can still apply for the - the deadlines are the same: March 1st - and , which has a March 15th deadline!  Contact me and I'll point you quickly in the right direction to be recognized!
...Our Scholarship application for County members with HS children or grandchildren can be downloaded from our website, and submitted by April 1st!
Enjoy this issue, and do feel free to not only share this issue with your peers but, if they'd like their own copy, please share their email address with us and they'll be put on our list!
Have a great week everyone!


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